In November '83 I was in Miami.


“There is no america without slavery.
There is no economic domanance.
There is no “greatest american century,” without the capital produced by the work of black people in this nation. Point, of, fact!”

—   Dr. Khalil Muhammad (via allakinwande)

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Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again

September was tough… I’ll tough October till November.


Waiting for that feeling.
© Arnold R. Butler.2014 (www.ab2ether.com)


Waiting for that feeling.

© Arnold R. Butler.2014

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Miss Honey

…only us brothers command the beat like a bee. now go buzz. ms. honey


My friend FaceBook is often curious about what I’m thinking… in fact that’s the question she is notorious for. You would think a ho worked as an editor for the CIA school paper. *drum rolls* … *crickets… crickets* Well, after seeing a post where an actual friend’s fb friend shared an opinion about strategies for ‘safe’ sex, regarding monogamy one strategy. *crickets* ppl. There is a word for having sex w. one person. Anyway, I took to this here platform to divulge/do the most… fb asks: What’s on your mind? 

  1. How I observe the reference to an explicit, external god as the ultimate authority ‘who’/which takes the time to administer this influence over human interactions legislated by the state… sips tea coffee.
  2. How the state sanctioned institution of marriage happens to be substantiated or made ‘more’ valid as it happens under that same authority.
  3. How Monogamy is conflated with Exclusivity, how Dating is Conflated with Polyamory, how Polyamorist behavior is referred to as Polygamy, how polyamory gets ‘corrected’ as polyandry by automated spell check aka hegemony via technology.
  4. How all this confusion about Polyamory seems to work in service of any institution or executive intention which seeks to monopolize the agency of will or self determination as it navigates, defines, reevaluates, envisions what love is
  5. the individual self or consciousness as expressed through a specific body/person/individual/location/’executive intention’ or other entity which functions as a single unit to a wider group of similar entities
  6. Evaluating the idea of self… it’s limits… (consciousness as expressed through human body+ calculus) extended margins of self via communication, conversation, sex, desire.

…and here I have framed what’s on MY mind. What do YOU think?image

oooh… yes.. I’m into this tho..

oooh… yes.. I’m into this tho..

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Notes: A Conversation on Queer Relevance towards a global political renaissance… among other things lol… like ‘new media’/’old media’ with Amos Eff and Kaos Blac

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  1. Hand performance as chant + ‘Magic’ as agency
  2. 'Agency' as applied desire.
  3. desire, intention, focus, attention, awareness
  4. sensitivity as awareness
  5. awareness as ‘efficiency’
  6. movement as chant
  7. chant as repetition
  8. catcatcatcat ow.
  9. drops mic
  10. death drop

and lets that sit

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LL Cool J - Luv U Better

Real kwiq on ya’