In November '83 I was in Miami.


Daze go bye

Daze go bye

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David Agbodji | Photo: Miguel Reveriego


David Agbodji | Photo: Miguel Reveriego

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Air is Fluid.. So We Swim..

"…like fish" Things that make you go hmm


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DIANA ROSS being cool as usual… look at those eyes!


—   if you love me that’s cool, you can do what Nina asks… and say you do, but take it further… I heard somewhere that love is action too… says^robin s^^ the little red bird; show me you do..  show and tell——… ««make love»» #generating your own gravity(spinning<-the sxiense^signs—- of spinning…. dizzy! disease… uneasy)### —a science. Study me… you’ll over stan, bee gee. how deep is your love?***** are you really proud? talk about class.. taalk aoubout propriety… whose pride.. pride based on what… for waht … you hold your head high… it’s not low to hold me.. PDA gimme more… fear is a no go 092513
A Gift from a Moment… ♡♡♡
 it says…

“grasshoppers out here on 
the farm are plentiful and
fun to catch. One day after harvesting greeebeans a gras
shopper hopped right on my 
arm for a ride. I was stuned
with thrill. It was beautiful deep yellow and we 
just looked at eachother. It then thanked me for.
the ride and flew away into the day. I never ima
gined a grassshopper would have the fun in catching me:)”   a letter by post mail.

1956- Gordon Parks documented the everyday lives of an extended black family living in rural Alabama under Jim Crow segregation for Life magazine’s photo-essay “The Restraints: Open and Hidden.” (via)

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Toro Y Moi “Say That”

I approach sharing this video from the context of compiling images of  black (male) bodies challenging ideas of space belonging, also observed in images inhabited by SZA, Rihanna, and Jacolby Satterwhite recently seen in residence at New York’s Whitney Museum.. reifying desire. See Chad over the rolling plains? Yea, when is the last time pop media told us this is a place where blackness as an identity exists in tandem, peaceably, free in wide open spaces? Maybe it’s just chill wave aesthetics, maybe it actually is a thing to consider whether or not the attention comes from a place of cherry picking or curatorial preference. Either way the context of these images present a powerful point of reference as they help to illustrate and instigate expectations, desires and aspirations around freedom, from a generation now coming of age. The discussion (especially when the images are of black men) is a fresh intersection of how we regard a topic like climate change / “the environment” as well as the deconstruction of worn ideas regarding gender and race. I’m totally here for it, lol, I AM it.. ttylxo


…Big UPs to all the proud trans bodies out there!!! Ya’ll are the hands at the intersection of science/spirituality moving our society’s discussion of identity forward and higher and deeper and wider! Please please please, stay stay stay visible!

&#8230;all that and a collar bone


Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE

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I mean… call me a fan if that’s what it means but…

Beyonce would actually make an interesting character like say… Psylocke of the X-men. I was reaching for Storm but I could get looked at funny, lol.